Google and ChromeOS printing solved

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A seamless print experience for
any Google environment

ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex Support

Whether you utilize ChromeOS on Chromebooks or are reinvigorating PCs or Macs with ChromeOS Flex, you can be sure that provides a seamless print experience for your end users. works with 6000 makes and models, so while you save on reusing your old PC and Macs, why not save on your printer hardware too? is cloud-based too, so focus on throwing out your print servers, not your printers. and GCPW

‘Google Credential Provider for Windows’ is a tool developed by Google to streamline and improve the authentication process for Windows users who utilize Google services. support for Windows and GCPW means that when users sign in to windows through GCPW, the universal print driver automatically signs in too.

Allocate printers through Google Workspace whether they’re on Windows, Mac or ChromeOS.

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Designed for Workspace

Full directory integration with Google Workspace allows IT admins to deploy, secure, control and track print activity across their organization.

Autonomous directory synchronization between Workspace and Create, move or delete a user in Workspace and their printer access automatically reconfigures.

Zero-touch universal driver installation through Google Workspace. Easily deploy the universal print driver through Google Admin. One-time driver installation is secure and easy.

controlled printing groups

Built-in Security supports secure print, so while ChromeOS brings security from ransomware, malware and employee errors, directprint ensures that printing is not a weakness in your security strategy.

Edge Print keeps cloud print jobs secure and within your Google Workspace cloud. No other 3rd party cloud service necessary.

Don't compromise on security when choosing a print management solution. With direct-IP printing, print jobs never leave your network.

Control printing, save money and resources

Understand who is printing, how much it’s costing and take control.

Apply print privileges or constraints on OUs, groups, or devices using policy management to help reduce print related costs and waste.

Set print limits, mono enforcement and duplex printing for some while enabling advanced finishing options for others.

Get going today and have a cloud print solution in under 45 minutes.

Not sure how to start? Let us do it for you…. all set-up support is included in your trial.