Chromebook printing can be so much better.

Setting up managed printing for Chromebooks is easy. Follow our quick 10 minute guide to see how can help you print more effectively than Print Server based solutions or Google Cloud Print.

To begin, open up your Chrome browser on Windows, Mac or Chrome OS…

1. Create a trial account at

Firstly, go to and click Start Free Trial. You will be asked to enter your email followed by a short form requesting some more information to allow us to configure your account. 

2. Work through the guided setup

Once you have successfully created your account you will be directed to the admin console. You will be presented with a data dashboard which, when populated with your print data provides you with quick insights into your print activity across your organization. Use the ‘Guided setup’ call to action to use our set up wizard to get you started as quickly as possible.
2.1 Install the extension
The wizard will detect whether or not you have the extension installed. Click the ‘Install driver app’ button to install. Once successfully installed, return back to the admin console.
2.2 Add a printer
Once the extension is installed, the system will detect any printers on your local network. Simply click ‘Add’ when you see the printer you’d like to connect with. Alternatively, enter an IP address and the system will query the printer to get the connection parameters.
2.3 Link to G Suite automatically gathers your organization’s OU structure and user/device information from G Suite. Click ‘authorize read-only access’ and will do the rest!
2.4. Allocate your printer to an organization unit
Once it’s linked, select a test target OU to allocate the printer to.
2.5. Deploy the app to your target G Suite users
By pushing the app (or ‘force installing’ in G Suite terms) to your target users, you will have completed the steps necessary to setup managed G Suite Users. Watch the short video below to discover how.

3. Log on to the Chromebook as a user in the test OU

Once the app has automatically installed, open the application from the start menu to see your available printers. Type Control-P to print – just like any other Cloud Print printer or local network printer. Unlike other printer drivers, all prints can be managed through advanced policies and audited through’s comprehensive reports.

4. Explore the advanced printer management from within the console

Finally, explore all the policy and reporting options within the admin console. If you need any assistance, just book some time with us. We hope admins find this guide on managed printing for Chromebooks useful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email – we value your feedback!