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Whether you’re administering a single school site or a whole district from 100 to 100,000 students, can help you with Chromebook, Mac and Windows printing every step of the way.

Slick, Comprehensive & Flexible Deployment

In 45 minutes deploy a serverless Print Management Solution. A perfect match to your Google Workspace & Chromebook or Azure AD & Windows environments

Best-in-class Google Workspace Integration with 7 different deployment methods. Providing you with the options and flexibility you need.

Alternative deployment options available such as Azure AD groups.

Chromebook Printing - Easy Printing for End Users

Printing Easy As 123
- CTRL & P

Zero touch deployment and allocation.With a combination of our Cloud Administration Platform and Client App.

Standard Print Journey. Your users already know how to print with; CTRL-P, File - Print. Support for Mac and Windows too.

We've focused on ease of deployment for admins and ease of use for end-users.

Track, Trace and Control Student Printing

Detailed Insights on print activity across your school district with rich reporting available.

Control print capabilities for different OUs, Groups & Users through policy enforcement.

Provide special print privileges to your VIPs or remove print access all together. You're in control.

Print Management - Track, Trace & Control Printing

Substantial cost & waste reduction

Reduce paper waste and reduce toner usage through our unique re-print detection and color reduction and image zap features.

Reduce support time - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

See potential savings of up-to 80% on current print management solution

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Key Benefits of

Serverless Printing

Ditch your print servers, save money and time by moving your print infrastructure to the cloud.

Simple deployment

No need for manufacturer-provided drivers, our universal driver enables all print features.

Secure documents

Enable on-device secure print to ensure sensitive documents are released by their owners. 

Take control

Apply specific print policies to different types of users. Enable stapling and hole punching for some, force mono and duplex for others.

Action on insight

Instant, highly-detailed reports can help measure print usage, reduce bottlenecks and eliminate errors.

Remote printing

Mix Edge Printing with Local Network Printing to find the perfect balance of local vs remote print use-cases.

Responsible printing

Encourage eco-responsible printing to help the environment and save costs with our print nudge feature.

Service and Support

We're here for you, support from real humans. We will help you solve deployment challenges together online.

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