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Directory synchronization

Directory sync capabilities with Google Workspace and Microsoft Azure AD ensures simple printer allocation.

Printer allocation

Users are allocated printers based on their log in. As soon as they turn their device on, their printers are automatically available.

Automate time-intensive tasks

Eliminate the need to manually deploy multiple printer drivers and manage numerous updates with our universal print driver

Advanced finishing options

Our universal print driver includes support for advanced finishing such as staple, fold, punching across all makes and models


Reduce the attack surface

By managing print infrastructure in the cloud, you’ll benefit from automated patching and monitoring, safe in the knowledge it’s always up to date and secure.

Reduce data leak combines the power of cloud administration and local network printing. Print jobs never leave your network keeping your data secure.

Secure documents & data

With, you can enable secure pin release on printers to protect confidential information. We support all the leading print manufacturers.

Additional security

We’ve also built in a whole host of features to keep you and your data secure, such as enabling single sign-on, restricted platform access and admin authentication levels.

Print Management | Print control


Printer access

Assign printers to individual users, groups, organizational units or even by IP range. You can even provide special print privileges to your VIPs or remove print access all together. You're in control.

Printer capabilities

Control print capabilities for different OUs, groups and users through policy enforcement. Enable stapling and folding for some while forcing mono and duplex printing for others.

Print related cost includes a whole raft of handy features that will save you both time and money. We're also the most cost-effective print management solution on the market.

Admin console access

The admin console has different user authentication levels. Co-admins can take control of print for their specific region or property while not affecting others in your organization.


Track print costs

You can specify print budgets for printers, rooms, properties or regions. Receive notifications when budget levels are approached or exceeded.

Track print activity

IT admins benefit from complete visibility of all print activity on the network and can use those insights to identify where you’re wasting resources.

Custom reporting

Receive highly detailed reports on print usage, areas of concern, and easily addressable errors or bottlenecks that enable you to see spending and control unwanted costs.

Schedule reporting

Ensure that budget holders have visibility or print activity and costs with our schedule reporting. Define the report and frequency to keep stakeholders informed.

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Google Workspace & Microsoft Azure integration ensures simple printer allocation.

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