Cloud print management for
K-12 schools and districts

Print Management for education

The cloud is accelerating innovation and digital transformation across all business sectors, and as education leaders look for ways to do more with less; many are reaping the value of cloud-native platforms to deploy, secure, control, and track print.

Migrating print management to the cloud is proving to be an attractive option for K-12 schools and districts – and it’s easy to see why. A serverless print management solution eliminates expensive onsite server costs, simplifies management, improves security, supports sustainability agendas, and frees up valuable resources to focus on students’ needs.

However, for schools and districts yet to take the leap, choosing the right solution may seem a little daunting. Here are six ways’s secure, serverless cloud print management platform can put an end to your printing pain points.

Designed for Chromebooks

Chromebooks sales rocketed during the pandemic and it’s fair to say that they will continue to populate classrooms across the US for some time to come. was originally designed to make enterprise-grade Chromebook printing a reality. We are a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner and the platform is optimized and verified by Google to work great on Chrome OS. This means that we provide Chromebook users with a full-featured range of flexible printing options, such as direct print, secure print and finishing options, across all platforms.

Easy to deploy 

We offer seven deployment options for Google Workspace (as well as a number of deployment options such as Azure AD groups and individuals for Microsoft environments). IT admins can deploy printers by groups, OUs, devices, users and more, and our unique universal print driver can be installed through Google Workspace Admin to all network- connected devices.

Network-connected devices are automatically onboarded to the platform via a nifty little tool called Device Radar which leverages artificial intelligence to set individual devices’ best-known configuration and enable advanced finishing features such as staple, fold etc., where available. With Device Radar, you  can onboard and deploy an unlimited number of printing devices and make them accessible to end-users, in just a few clicks.

Enable BYOD 

With staff and students now using a mix of personal devices, providing seamless but secure access to printers is another printing pain point. With, you’re in control. You can grant print privileges for OUs, groups and users, determine which groups or individual users can use which devices, including those available for remote printing; provide special print privileges to VIPs, or even remove print access all together.

School and district IT admins can also deploy printers to users with QuickCodes. QuickCodes allow users to self-serve by entering the QuickCode into the client application. And our Dynamic QuickCode feature gives administrators greater control over the distribution of and validity periods for QuickCodes.

Secure documents and data

Network-connected printing devices pose a security risk not only in terms of printed documents being accessed by unauthorised users, but if left unprotected, they also provide an easy entry point to a school’s network. is packed full of features to safeguard documents and data. We’ve highlighted ten ways can help schools effectively manage print and reduce the attack surface here.

Easy, predictable print experience delivers an easy, predictable print experience for end-users, they simply press – CTRL-P, File – Print. The user interface features a logical split between devices, printer settings, and print queues, and has a consistent look and feel across all devices. Plus, Edge Print enables them to securely print from any approved device – whether they’re at home, on a guest network, or even between different office locations.

Make budgets stretch further

Cloud print management software automates the time-intensive manual tasks associated with maintaining a print environment, reducing support time. IT admins also benefit from complete visibility of all print activity on the network from a single pane of glass and can use those insights to identify where resources are being wasted and enforce policies, such as restricted printing rights for specific users, to put an end to it.

Plus, our cost-effective subscription model is flexible and allows you to scale up or down as needed. 

So, whether you’re managing a single school or an entire district, can revolutionize how you manage print. Why not sign up for a free trial or book a demo to find out how today.

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