Chromebook Printing - Easy Printing for End Users

Enabling secure print for a distributed workforce 

Enabling productivity for a distributed workforce whilst mitigating risk in an ever-changing threat landscape can be challenging for IT leads in today’s hybrid workplace. Workers want seamless access to the tools they need to do their jobs, while security has never been higher up the IT agenda – striking a balance between the two can seem like an impossible task. 

Cyber security attacks are not abating, and organizations need to keep their guard up. At the same time, remote or hybrid workers need more flexibility as they seamlessly rely on a blend of corporate and personal devices to undertake their roles at home, in the office or on the road. 

Security is everyone’s business

As security professionals fight to retain control, while catering to the demands of workers in the hybrid workspace, they’re looking to ISVs and technology providers to provide solutions that are built with security in mind.

The good news is that when it comes down to enabling remote printing – has got it securely covered. End-users can mix edge and local network printing from the personal or professional device of their choice with the ease and flexibility they desire, whilst IT admins can take charge of their print environments with complete control and total visibility – inside and outside of their corporate network. 

Seamless for end-users, secure for IT

Edge Print enables end-users to securely print when they are not on the same network as the printer. With Edge Print, they can print from their Windows PC, Chromebook, or Mac device – whether they’re at home, on a guest network, or even between different office locations. 

Edge Print is integrated with Google Drive and Google Workspace, leveraging our Chrome Enterprise Recommended Status, while Edge Print for Microsoft Azure supports Microsoft-centric organizations. Printers remain on a secure network and cannot be exposed to vulnerabilities that are common with personal devices and home networks and remote print jobs remain within your already approved Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure infrastructure, ensuring that all your business information remains confidential. 

Plus, Edge Print gives IT admins fine-grained control over which printers are available for remote printing, they can control which users can print remotely and even grant granular privileges that determine which groups or individual users can use which devices.

A harmonious balance

The result is a harmonious balance between flexibility and strict security standards. Employees can turn to the devices and networks needed to help them get the job done, while IT admins can rest assured that their print environments are safe and secure and that no unknown users or devices can find their way into the corporate network.

To find out how you can ensure robust security across your print environment without hindering your hybrid workers, why not sign up for a free 30-day trial.