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Is print draining your school’s budget and IT resources?

Printing is one of the biggest drains on IT expenditure in schools and in many establishments, it’s an area that’s yet to be brought under control. An average 10,000 student school district spends at least $200,000 every year on paper and that doesn’t include the cost of the servers, printers, consumables and man hours required to manage the printing infrastructure.

The reality is that many schools simply don’t know what they’re actually spending, but the good news is that it doesn’t take much to take back control and stop throwing print-related dollars and hours down the drain.

If you’re struggling to reduce your printing budget, spending too much time sorting out printer issues, are looking to manage your document output more effectively and, put a lid on spiraling color costs and mountains of wasted paper – read on.

Many of our clients in the K-12 education sector are leveraging our serverless print management solution to achieve cost savings, enhance security, advance their sustainability agendas and free up staff to focus on students’ needs. 

Revolutionize your print management

Our feature-rich, transparent SaaS offering enables schools to quickly and effectively deploy, secure, control, and track print management without committing capital investment in new servers and other in-house resources.

Whether you’re administering a single school site, a handful of teaching spaces, or an entire district, we can help you revolutionize your print management across Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices. 

Reduce support time 

By migrating print to the cloud, you can automate time-intensive manual tasks, spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

It only takes 45 minutes to deploy our serverless print management solution and it’s compatible across Google Workspace and Chromebook, Microsoft Azure and Windows environments.

Plus, provides a seamless end-user experience. Your users already know how to print and it’s exactly the same with – simply press – CTRL-P, File – Print.

You’re in control 

Full directory integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Azure allows IT admins to deploy, secure, control, and track print activity across their school or district. You can deploy printers by groups, devices, users and more. Our universal print driver can even be installed through Google Workspace Admin, Microsoft Intune/PQD, or your favorite MDM tool to all devices.

You can control print capabilities for different OUs, groups and users through policy enforcement, you can even provide special print privileges to your VIPs or remove print access all together.

Track print costs and activity 

You’ll benefit from complete visibility of all print activity on your network and use those insights to identify where you’re wasting resources and enforce policies, such as restricted printing rights for specific users, to put an end to it.

It’s also easy to ensure that your users are printing responsibly, and you don’t waste costly resources. For example, save paper and toner by allowing staff to print in color while making sure students only print in black and white, or limiting one group’s printing ability so they never overprint. 

Secure printers and documents 

Keep your school’s information secure. Enable secure pin release on printers to ensure that students aren’t collecting staff prints and seeing something they shouldn’t. And Edge Print technology allows you to control which users can print remotely through our Google Workspace and Microsoft Azure integration.

So, if you’re looking to take back control of printing within your school or district, we’re here to help. And to get you saving right away, we’re even offering a free 30-day trial.

Sign up today to benefit from smart, secure serverless printing.