Device Monitoring Dashboard adds new functionality to its SaaS platform

Advanced device monitoring capabilities help IT admins stay ahead of print-related support tickets

Cloud ISV has added advanced printer monitoring capabilities to its serverless print management platform.

The new feature, which is available as an optional extra, is designed to reduce printer downtime and help admins stay ahead of print-related support tickets.

It utilises Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor printer status, device health, paper levels, volumes, toner levels, and more. Admins can set up alerts to inform them of low supplies or device errors, view performance data in real-time via the admin console, and export it via CSV for further processing and analysis.

“The volume of print-related support tickets and the time it takes to respond to and resolve issues are by far the most common pain points associated with managing a print infrastructure,” said James Gilmore, VP of Product & Design at

“This new capability provides a comprehensive overview of fleet performance, device status, supply levels, and counters, empowering IT leads to proactively respond to common issues such as paper jams or low toner levels and resolve them before an end-user raises a support ticket.”

About is a feature-rich, transparent SaaS offering that allows users to quickly and effectively deploy, secure, control and track print management. The platform is zero-touch and, once installed, no configuration is needed for new devices or end-users; security is built-in, local network printing ensures prints jobs never leave the customer’s network. delivers full, real-time print analytics and offers competitive per-seat pricing for Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS environments.

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