Edge Print

Seamlessly mix Edge Printing with Local Network Printing to find the perfect balance of local vs remote print use-cases.

Cloud Print is deprecated, try Edge Printing

It’s been a busy couple of months here at, but after a successful beta roll-out of our brand new print technology Edge Print, we’re pulling back the curtain for the grand unveiling and announcing to the world the general availability of our new print technology Edge Print.

While’s main focus has been Local Network Printing with Cloud Administration, we’ve now turned our focus to remote printing too. The recent deprecation of Google Cloud Print means we see an increased need for remote printing capabilities from vendors such as ourselves, leading to build a new printing technology – Edge Print.  

Edge Print is built upon our close integration with Google Workspace while utilizing our status as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partner. Fundamentally, this means Edge Print jobs never leave your approved Google Workspace infrastructure until released by the printer.

As an administrator you have full control over remote printer availability, document security along with all of the other great benefits that brings.

We don’t believe in charging customers for new features and functionality, you grow as we do, therefore Edge Print is now available to all our existing customers at no additional cost and comes as standard for all new customers, and of course, it is included in a 30-day FREE trial. 

If you would like to try Edge Print, please sign-up for our 30-day FREE trial.