No Upgrades Required

As April showers give way to May flowers, directprint.io brings more features, immediately and automatically available to you. No upgrades required.

Public session printing is back!

Now you can allocate printers to device OUs to enable public session printing. Hooray! Zero config when you add new devices. Full logging. Thank goodness. Public sessions – so handy.

Allocate printers to devices then fallback to user

What a lifesaver! A new printer allocation mode is available so it’s now even simpler to configure complex printer setups between fixed terminal and 1:1 Chromebooks within your organization. If the device has a printer list it’s applied, if the device doesn’t have a printer list then the user list is applied. Easy.

Printer inheritance for G Suite

So simple. Define your printers in a device or user OU, have those printers automatically inherit to sub-ous. You can still override on an OU basis, but for customers with hundreds or thousands of OUs (you know who you are!) this is going to save some headaches. The system even shows the inheritance path so no rummaging through OU paths is requred! Phew – usability is king.

More duplexing options

So many options (stay with me here), the list now reads:

Force duplex, force single-sided, default single-sided, default-duplex, remove user option – use printer default, keep user option – use printer default…I think that covers it.

Of course duplex settings are enforceable at the printer, room, property, region, organization or Google OU level, so you can set different defaults for different folks. You’re spoilt for choice. The same applies to all print-control settings (e.g. color and toner saver). Now go save some trees!

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