Acer Chromebook Tab 10 200

A good first run for Chromebooks

Price: Expensive for a 10” Chromebook – £298 / $388 (UK:

Performance: Enough for general report writing, browsing, video playback fine. Gaming, no.

Screen: Great at default resolution – microscopic maximum resolution of 2048×1538 amazing but unusable.

Navigation: Can be frustrating – vital concept of ‘Home’ missing vs iOS / Android. Closing some apps is fiddly.

Stylus: Responsive, fluid but will get lost within 8 minutes of classroom or home use. Get ready to search your couch / classroom floor.

Handwriting recognition: Doesn’t like my scrawl but in all fairness, I can’t read my writing…

Battery life: Runs and runs like a mountain stream in spring. Gets a full working day – easy.

Build quality: Plastic but no yoghurt carton feel. Better than low-end Android offerings.

Storage: More than 20GB available for use.

Biggest pro: Great to see Chromebook innovation.

Worst con: Mine spins easy when placed on a flat surface – annoying, charger is HUGE!

Who should buy: Schools – administration is easy vs iOS.

Who should wait: Home users – wait for Gen 2 Chromebook Tablets.

Overall: Great for schools but no iPad killer.